Friday, November 30, 2012

Help Remedies + bone marrow registry

Filed under brilliant ideas, Help Remedies has partnered with Graham Douglas of droga5 to create an easy way to sign up for the bone marrow registry. As a result of their collaboration, packages of "help: I've cut myself" bandages now contain sign-up kits to enter the bone marrow registry.

Bone marrow matches are notoriously difficult to find, but can often save the lives of those suffering from cancer. Douglas aims to make signing up for the donor registry as easy as possible. Someone cuts his finger, goes to find a bandage, and before applying one, can swab a bit of his blood and send it to the lab in the enclosed envelope. He's then registered, without having to visit a doctor or have blood drawn unnecessarily.

It doesn't hurt that the product is well designed and looks good on the shelf. The collaboration is a great example of design thinking + aesthetics to help the greater good.

Read more about the project here.