Saturday, July 28, 2012

Classical Greek Hipsters

Designer Alexis Persani and photographer Leo Caillard photoshopped modern clothes onto photographs of classical sculptures for their project Street Stone. The resulting looks would be right at home on Bedford Ave. Turns out, hipsters and classic Greeks have more in common than one might think—namely, facial hair and indifferent expressions. The only problem is that no hipster would ever be this muscular...and maybe for a bit more authenticity, those photographs should have been taken using Instagram.

(via Artlog

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Joanna Behar said...

Hm I'm not sure I agree with you. Instagram wouldn't have been a particularly nice finishing touch, I actually like that the photos look so professional, instagram in my opinion would have cheapened them and not brought anything more to the project, infact it would have detracted from the work that went in the creation of the pieces.