Friday, February 26, 2010

Letterforms in progress

I'm taking a class on letterforms with the amazingly awesome Tony Dispigna. This week, we had to make ligatures for at least 6 different sets of initials, so I did a bunch of sketching in my sketchbook before drawing out my final chosen forms. I showed Tony some of my sketches, and here's what he did to one of the pages:

In case you can't tell, he wrote "CRAP!" across the whole thing, then circled one and wrote "great!"...and then signed his "work of art." Amazing.

Anyway, here's what came out of this exercise—for now just a pencil sketch, but I'll put it into Illustrator soon:

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Anonymous said...

how like Tony! but i guess we love him for that! i'm glad he liked atleast one! :)