Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AIGA: 365

Last week, I went to AIGA to see the 365: Annual Design Competition.

There were some definite goodies at the show, but one of my favorites was this poster by designers Stefan Guzy and Björn Wiede of Zwölf Medien in Berlin (excuse my bad/short person photography). From the wall description:
Due to a custom-made silk-screen paint based on iron swarfs, these tour posters change when exposed to rain and begin to rust. Designed for the Swedish shooting star José Gonzálex's tour, the name "In Our Nature" fades away within a couple of weeks. The typeface was cut based on wood types of the 1920s. We developed the printing technique and the special color ourselves.
(Left: unrusted version. Right: Exposed, rusted version.)

The rust feature is very cool, and I love the exaggerated accent marks.

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